TV ALSAT-M Documentary – History of Lake Ohrid
(Historia e liqenit të Ohrit, Историја на Охридското езеро)

Lake Ohrid is the oldest natural lake in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. It is located at the border line between Macedonia and Albania in Southeast Europe and protected by UNESCO. Group of German scientists performed deep drilling campaign at the bottom of the lake to determinate its origin and age. They came out with extraordinary results. Lake Ohrid is around 1.4 million years old. It has unique continuity of the endemic flora and fauna since the time it was formed. Lake Ohrid has the largest index of biodiversity in the world. This is an exclusive TV ALSAT-M Documentary. All rights reserved.

Autor: Ivan Blazhevski

Locations of production: Ohrid, Skopje and Struga (Macedonia), Cologne (Germany), Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha (Kenya).
Broadcasted: November 2015.

Language: Albanian with Macedonian subtitles.

Media: TV ALSAT-M is a private national TV station from Macedonia with headquarters in Skopje broadcasting both on Albanian and Macedonian language.


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